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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Minuwangoda Incident and Minuwangoda Attack
Gossip Lanka Tag - Minuwangoda incident
Information has been revealed to the Police that damages caused to several places in the North Western and Gampaha District and damage to several sacred places have been caused by organized conspiracies of certain political conspirators.
minuwangoda attack

Minuwangoda Incident


Minuwangoda Incident and Minuwangoda Attack gossip lanka

Minuwangoda Incident and Minuwangoda

minuwangoda attack gossip lanka

minuwangoda ekko fashion attack

minuwangoda attack photos

Dayasiri Jayasekera has said that the Sinhalese were worried about the fact that some Muslims were not checking every muslim's house and that they were worried about it. The Muslim people had taken poles with their clubs, reports say.Police Media Spokesperson SP RuwanSE Gunasekera said that 60 suspects have been arrested in connection with the violent incidents that have occurred in the North Western Province and the curfew.
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