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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

police curfew kuliyapitiya dayasiri jayasekara
Gossip Lanka Tag- Kuliyapitiya Tense Situation and police curfew kuliyapitiya.The social media blocked the crisis in Kuliyapitiya although some issues were closed due to the police curtailment of Kuliyapitiya.The unfortunate incidents in the vicinity of

Kuliyapitiya Tense Situation Truth
Kuliyapitiya were caused by a problem with regard to the surrounding Muslim villages, said General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Dayasiri Jayasekara.
The problem of Kuliyapitiya is the testing of only a few houses. The Sinhalese have been questioned regarding this situation. It is a question for everyone to check on a few houses on intelligence information. The problem of Kuliyapitiya will be resolved quickly. Dayasiri Jayasekara speaking on this occasion said at a press conference.
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